I’ve written before about my search for aesthetically pleasing baby kit, and an appealing changing bag was without a doubt one of the most fiendish to find items on my pre-baby wish list. My issue with so many of the designs is that they are a) styled to look like a souped up laptop bag or b) seem to be geared towards the baby, rather than the parent, who will actually be carrying and using it day to day (I’m talking cupcake prints and chintzy bows).

After a fair bit of research and one too many YouTube reviews, I plumped for Baby Beau’s ‘Ellie’ bag – a simple black leather affair with tan details and gold hardware. What I love about it is that for all intents and purposes it looks like a regular handbag, but open it up and the contents are just as practical, spacious and waterproof as any of the more traditional designs. What’s more, the innards can be zipped up into a standalone pouch and completely removed, super handy for dropping off the essentials with grandparents/nursery etc, whilst you use the shell of the bag like any other handbag. As standard, the Ellie also comes with a range of removable accessories, notably a chestnut coloured bottle holder with humbug striped lining, and a matching changing mat. I’ve used mine almost daily for the last 5 months and have yet to fault it.

Other bags I have seen (but not tested) that seem to fulfil my particular criteria include the Noa from Storksak, pretty much anything from Jem + Bea and Tiba and Marl, as well as other products from the Baby Beau range.


Coming soon – My Changing Bag Unpacked | The Contents