Lots of people have asked us why we chose the name Caspar for our son, and my answer is always the same – quite simply, because we like it. We like that it goes well with our surname, that it has a pleasing sound to it, and that it has some grounding in its origins (a derivative of one of the Three Wise Men, no less). We also like it because it is fairly unusual (or so I thought – we have recently started a baby group with both a Casper and a Jasper in the same class…). 

Because we didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl, we came up with lots of names for both genders and started picking them off one by one over the course of several months, until at the end of my pregnancy we were pretty certain of one for each. It’s difficult knowing how a name is going to suit someone, but with Caspar it just seems right, and has done from the day he was born. If we go on to have any subsequent children I am secretly hoping for a girl, as I am still quite attached to our girls name – a lot of thought went into choosing it, after all. 

Some people ask us if we worry school children will tease him about a certain friendly ghost, but I think his generation won’t be overly familiar with a film of the 90s, and who is to say another cartoon or Hollywood blockbuster won’t come out with character names that haven’t even been realised yet? 

After all is said and done, I just hope that as he gets older he likes his name, and feels proud to introduce himself, whether it be to a teacher, at a job interview, or perhaps even saying his wedding vows*.


*I am not a pushy parent. I am not a pushy parent. I am not a pushy parent…