We’ve been reading Caspar a bedtime story since he was just a few weeks old (when he reached that magical baby developmental stage where suddenly they have a notion of night/day and you can finally change out of your pyjamas). We started with picture books, the kind with bold black and white shapes, moving on to more colourful books with identifiable animal pictures and textures for him to reach out and feel. More recently though, we have started to introduce real story books, the kind with an actual narrative and characters, and I can’t tell you how much we’ve all enjoyed it. Sure, sometimes Caspar’s main aim is to stuff every page into his mouth, but I’m certain he is also listening to the words, looking at the pictures and, on occasion, attempting to turn the pages himself.

Although we have acquired a few favourites from our own respective childhoods (Peace at Last and Each Peach Pear Plum etc), we have also been exploring some of the relative newbies in the world of children’s literature, and a series of books by Jon Klassen has really caught our eye.

The series, currently containing three titles – ‘I want my hat back‘, ‘This is not my hat‘ and ‘We found a hat‘ – written and illustrated by Klassen, offers simple stories alongside beautiful imagery and a really dry sense of humour, which we love.

Although these books are really aimed at children a little older than Caspar, we wanted to add things into his routine which challenged him, and unlike toys that advise a minimum age for health and safety reasons, there really is no reason not to be a little more ambitious with story books – especially when they’re just as entertaining for the parents (if not more so!).

Do you have any favourite titles you’d like to share with us (new and old)? Please comment if so, we love a recommendation!

You may also be interested to know that Waterstones have a buy one, get one half price offer on lots of children’s titles at the moment – a great excuse to get reading.