Back to work | Back to reality

IMG_5242I’ll start with an apology – I lost my blogging mojo back in the spring and have spent the past four months with my head firmly in the sand. When I started the blog I was spending a significant amount of time feeding Caspar in the small hours, and decided to put some of that time to good use (nourishing a hungry baby aside) by writing. Of course once I got into that routine, Caspar decided he was a 12hours straight through kind of guy and I lost my window. I can assure you though that I’m back, and I’m blogging.

So what’s new? Caspar turned one last month and is checking off the milestones on a seemingly daily basis. He’s a happy chap with a turbo crawl, obsessed with finding out how things work (no switch, button or door is safe) and a sweet tooth.

I’m back at work, four days a week, and currently figuring out how all the pieces of the ever-changing puzzle fit into place each day. I miss Caspar during the working day but am so grateful that he is being looked after by his Granny (my Mum), who he adores. Eventually I expect we will look into a nursery option, but as long as everyone is happy we will stick with the status quo.

We are also on the hunt for a new house, somewhere with a bigger garden and another bedroom or two, in the hope we will be settled somewhere before Caspar starts pre-school/school and in case we decide on a sibling (which is certainly not on the agenda imminently!).

In terms of the blog, I’ll be back with the usual product recommendations, tips for things to do in Winchester and further afield, general chat and of course ideas for how to add a little luxe into everyday life.

More soon…


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