If you go down to the woods today…

Living in the middle of nowhere sometimes has its downsides – when that 9pm chocolate craving strikes, or when you run out of nappies, it’s not just a question of nipping out to the corner shop with a coat over your pyjamas, but a 20 mile round trip in the car.

But this time of year brings something to our nearby woodland that makes it worth the mileage – bluebells. Our local wood in Micheldever is famous for its purple carpet, and they are in full bloom this week (usually the last week of April is your best bet for the peak of the display).

This year I was determined to get a few photos of Caspar in the blooms, not least because we have just put our house on the market and may not be here next Spring. Lots of local photographers offer professional shoots, but having neither the money nor the forethought to book in time, I roped in my photography enthusiast younger brother to help, and I am so pleased with the results.

If you’re keen to get some similar snaps, or just enjoy a walk in the scenery, get down there quick – I expect they will be gone for another year by the end of next week.


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