Rain, Rain, Come My Way

As Caspar was born in the middle of a hot summer, it took me a while to realise that something I entirely neglected to put on my (what I thought was a bullet-proof) pre-baby wish list, was a practical raincoat. One that can be kept in the car and thrown on over any type of outfit, in any season.

Until the wet Autumn rolled in, I just hadn’t quite thought through how I was going to shield myself from the British weather with my trusty Cath Kidston umbrella, at the same time as pushing a rather large pram – and getting it, plus what feels like all of my worldly possessions, as well as the baby in/out of the house and/or car.

Yet my search for a suitable raincoat, when I actually got round to doing it, wasn’t quite as straight forward as I had hoped. For my money, there are a few non-negotiable essentials I require in a coat:

  • It has to have a hood
  • It has to be able to pack down into the pram basket, so no bulky linings
  • It has to actually be waterproof – beware the term “showerproof”
  • It has to be able to go with anything, in all seasons
  • It has to have some modicum of style, even if it’s just a fitted waist or pretty lining.

You would be amazed (or perhaps not, if you have walked this soggy path before), how few options this actually leaves. So here’s a selection of options that I feel match the above criteria:

  1. Haven Prime Jacket by Joules
    The King of the Raincoat – you can’t go wrong with Joules, but I particularly like this modern floral number
  2. Curve Jacket by Rains
    This Danish brand does waterproof very well. If you live locally to Winchester, they are stocked at the lovely Long Barn in Alresford.
  3. Mosebacke by Stutterheim
    An ultra-luxe version, but should last a lifetime.
  4. Downpour Mac by Seasalt
  5. Rain Coat by H&M
    A more purse-friendly option.

As always, I love to hear of other tried and tested recommendations, so please do get in touch!


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